Give and Get - Part 2

It's your turn ladies.

Of course I know that you know how to shop. You also pick up on the subtle clues and likely know exactly what your man would like and want

Our problem isn't on what to get our man, it's more about what to get him that we haven't already gotten. If you have a relationship anything like mine, my problem lies in finding new and exciting ideas to break out of the box.

Having been married for nearly 12 years, I've pretty much bought and given every gift imaginable and let me tell you that new wallets nearly always fail. Apparently, and unlike women, guys loath having to change wallets because it takes SO much effort to wear in a new one. Ensuring it confirms to their butt perfectly and doesn't create lower back pain when riding in cars. Yes, it's a thing. Be warned.

Men can be frugal and really would prefer some action in bed over a well hunted item that can be wrapped and placed under the tree. Ask most men and I'm willing to bet they'd agree with me here. Unless it's a weekend trip for him and his closest friends to Vegas with an appointment at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway's Richard Petty Driving Experience. But most of us aren't rich and we don't exactly work that way, do we ladies? We MUST have something under the tree for him. And he must LOVE it. You can't wrap what he's really asking for.

Here are my inspirations for the new year. Maybe you too will be inspired. If not, well, there's always that other thing...

Being from the PNW, outer wear is HOT! And nothing says "active & outdoorsy" quite like Patagonia. Bluffing or not. But this jacket is well made, attractive and easy to wear. And under a hunsky at REI. ($89)
Tell your man that you're on his side with this humorous (and yes, honest) account on getting your kids to bed - or the f*** to sleep! That's a bedtime story we can all get behind. ($9)The kids might enjoy giving the techie dad "Goodnight iPad". Because subtle hints at quality "unplugged" time aren't working. ($10)Because my man is a firefighter, I cannot leave you hanging without at least one fire-style gift. And this fire hose belt is a creative first. You can only have so many mugs with a maltese cross. Really. Don't buy anymore.($38)

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  1. We just recently found the Goodnight iPad book at Fred Meyer! Just read it to my kid earlier. Great find!