To follow up my last post, here is a quick tutorial on my cake cheat. It's so easy. Trust me. And you can modify for any theme or character party you can dream up.

You'll need:
Cake from a grocery store (frosted white)
Cool Whip (1-2 tubs depending on design/need)
offset spatula
Food Coloring
Piping tips
sprinkles (optional)

1) Remove all elements from your store bought cake. If there is something you like, you can re-add later.

2) Use an offset spatula to coat and smooth your cake with a thin layer of cool whip

3) Divide remaining cool whip into bowls and add food coloring to your liking. Mixing less will give a swirled/tie-dye look.

4) Using piping bags, or ziplock bags, snip corner with scissors and insert your desired piping tip.

5) Fill your bags with cool whip. I use a tall glass to nest my bag in, folding over corners will allow you a less-mess fill. Close bags and gently press out air. This ensures your frosting job won't be pitted with air bubbles.

6) Create your design. Smooth any icing with offset spatula if needed. Make a mistake? Simply scrape off and do over.

7) Add any additional elements, like toy characters, sprinkles and candles.

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  1. Really great job!! Love the cake and thanks for your instructions!