Over the last several months, I got too busy, stressed, distracted, impatient, lazy... (insert excuse here)... to pay much attention to my photo hobby. I've recently been motivated by some great friends to be back in it. And it feels good.

You might have heard about a "movement" of sorts to take a photo a day for a year. The intention is to improve your skill set and have a spectacular stash of stock photography. My attempt last year lasted 72 days. Weak. Sauce.

So this year, I'm trying again. I'm tweaking it a bit because, for me, it's not realistic to shoot daily. But it is common and absolutely realistic to shoot several times a week. So I'm making my own rules.

Instead of taking a photo each day, I'm posting a fresh set of photos each week. I will have 365 photos by the end, but this allows me a bit of leniency on my time. I am raising two young kids, guys... cut me some slack.

Join me! You can follow my progress on my facebook photo page Bricks Pics.


  1. Great shot, love the reflection!

  2. Hi! I'm visiting from Photography by Intent/class. I didn't know you had a blog (I have two blogs). I really do love this picture and the black and white makes it timeless!