I can be a bit of a dork. I just hide it well I suppose, after hearing a close friend scoff at my personal declaration of self.

But really, who isn’t? We’re all kinda stumbling around looking for ourselves. Our look, our style, our roles, our ideals. We find inspiration in magazines, through close friends we lovingly envy and of course, through Hollywood (damn you). We’re all kinda dorky in our own way as we are seeking rock-solid self-esteem and support through our friends, colleagues and twitter followers. We always want to say the right thing, buy the most on-trend technology and wear the perfect outfit to show off our right to belong in this big blue globe. Most of us would rather keep up for fear of getting left behind (aside from those blissfully unaware folk who seem to be eerily content with their scrunchies and lack of wi-fi).

And who says we have to do it on our own? Long before Pinterest and the globally recognized DIY movement (thank you internet), people relied on each other just the same. The only difference was that our inspirations were less obvious, less public and more personally owned. How many times do you hear someone claim their idea came from a friend or from an online source? How about we just own it? After all, all those ideas are just that, we’re the ones to make it an actuality. We’re the ones pairing together thrift store finds, we’re the one making that 30-ingredient cake, we’re the one hammering our thumbs as we create our own headboard. Who cares where we found the idea? We are not required to divulge our sources of greatness. We are not required to inform where we found our A-MA-ZING wardrobe (thanks Target). We are not required to speak a disclaimer for everything we say and do.

I think there is a rare individual who can truly claim to march to the beat of their own drum and be solely responsible for it. I’m sure even Lady Gaga has some help and inspiration via drunken stylist to get her look where it is today.
So I accept it. I accept being a dork. Because it means learning and seeking and trying new things – some successful and some less so. I also accept people knowing that I can morph and transpire when motivated to do so.

My hobbies revolve around creativity. Photography, writing, crafts, painting, drawing… you name it and I’m on it. (And yes, I’ve endured the playful jabs from girlfriends who are less fluent with a glue gun.) But creativity doesn’t stop there. I find it play out in my daily life throughout my home and my style. While I am no master, and am forever changing my ideas about what and where I really want to hone my “look”, I completely and selfishly enjoy doing it. And it’s harmless. Well except for a few shin bruises from my husband coming home to the house rearranged yet again. Watch those credit card expenses though…

So, because I love following fashion blogs, Pinterest and other style-heavy publications and because one of my FAVORITE things is to create and recreate things I love and because another of my FAVORITE things is to see what others’ FAVORITE things are, I’m making a list. These are my FAVORITE things – the things I relate and respond to, the things that inspire and motivate me. Though you may not hear me reveal my sources for greatness, we truly are all capable.

Refinery 29 (for the coolest everything – from beauty to fashion across the US)
PS – I made this (for OF. THE. MOMENT. fashion that is literally easy to DIY)
StyleMint & JewelMint (for high-end style-of-the-month at only $29)
Pinterest (for renewing interest in your closet – follow me!)
etsy (for art, photography and party supplies)
ebay (for statement necklaces and jcrew seperates)
Lucky Magazine (and books)
Instagram (iPhone app)

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