A new year is a fresh start, or so they say. January 1 is a time to reflect and resolve to better oneself. Or so they say.

I've never been a big fan of the hoopla surrounding the First. For starters, it's winter. Nothing positive seems to spring up during this time. Secondly, why wait for Jan 1 to start being a better person?

Although I reject resolutions in their most cliched sense, I do hold ongoing goals and do check in on how I'm doing since everyone around me seems to be announcing their own grandiose plans.

So what's in store for my New Year? Well, I'd like to continue my fitness efforts -- as sporadic and heartless as they've become. I'd also like to firm up my commitment to my reading habits. While I've always liked the idea of reading two books a month, that enticing Fall TV schedule always seems to sideline my best attempts.

Along with being better about reading, this will ensure me a more stable and beneficial bedtime. If I can turn off the TV by nine, I can get an hour reading in bed by 10pm and not be a miserable bear at 8am. A better rested Mommy is a better Mommy.

And finally, I'd like to reclaim my hobbies which have taken a backseat to many hours of unworthy time surfing the net. I look forward to coaxing a recognizable tune out of my guitar and honing my neglected photography skills. These things make me happy.

So my goals, which pretty much carry over from 2010:
Read 2 books a month - average 1hr per night reading
Sleep by 10pm - and average 10hrs per night (yes, 10)
Work out enough to stay at my weight (thought dropping an LB wouldn't hurt anything)
Be a kinder, well-read and better rested Mommy
Prioritize my guitar playing and photo taking hobbies
Is that it? Yeah, I guess so. Obviously, there is much more I can do and that needs to be done, however these are solid, obtainable and generally beneficial to my well being as for those around me. Why not keep it simply?

What do you have in store?

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  1. Funny you should ask... I was just thinking what I should
    Do now that everyone has crazy New Years goals. Well I need to get back into doing more video work and using my creative side a little more. It makes me happier which is going to make everyone happier, which will in turn make me, you guessed it, happier. It's a whole crazy circle that I kinda tag wanted from.